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    This cracked me up. Around 1:40 it sounded like some things I hear on these forums...always gotta keep things in perpective.

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    That was hilarious! I love LCK, but hate the Pre because it doesn't meet all of my needs.
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    Bahaha, he's so right.
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    hehe Funny.
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    I'm convinced that we live in the future the science fiction writers of our parents generation, but we REALLY suck at it.

    Think about it - if you dig around, you can find all kinds of the tech that these authors wrote about, but they aren't in use because they couldn't be implemented reasonably, weren't profitable, or we're too dumb to use them.

    Flying cars? Think about what would happen if everyone had a flying car. It would be raining debris and dead people 24/7 - because we can't trust people with flying cars. The logistics of keeping people safe would be astounding, and human error would screw everything up. There are prototypes of flying cars (basically small airplanes) but they'd be far too dangerous for widespread use.

    Artificial limbs? Yup, we've got those. They're expensive and our insurance won't cover them because a hunk of plastic roughly shaped like an arm is cheaper. Hell we've even got cameras that can hook up to blind people's brains and help them see (not well, but enough to keep them from running into stuff and have basic interactions with their environment.)

    Robots? Go to a random japanese tech blog and you'll find them.

    We've got tiny computers in our pockets connected to a global information and communications network. We can literally access volumes of information about anything we want basically anytime we want. Yet, most people are too tech-illerate and tech-phobic to use one, not to mention the millions who can't afford them.

    We're still struggling with global food and water shortages not because of a lack of technology or resources, but a lack of priorities for our fellow human beings and a political system that favors talk over action.

    We've got entire 5th and 6th grade classes where the majority of the students can't read at their grade level, if at all. How the hell are we going to have a future if the people who live in it can't even ****ing read? Or, does the future only count for those upper-middle class and above? I'd blame their parents, hell I'd write them a nasty letter, but they wouldn't read it, because they can't read either. Besides, when are the parents of these kids going to help them anyway, in between shifts and their two minimum wage jobs?

    Holy crap I'm ranting again.
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    That was a great rant @

    We already have great technology that can help far more human beings than it currently does, yet politics and lack of will slows forward progression.

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