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    Thanks to whoever mentioned the Google Toolbar a few days ago (I think it was Yorick or deitrichbohn)--Anyway, this thing is great!!
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    it was me. The "Search This Site" function is probably my favorite, and I like the auto-highlighter too.

    Toolbar plug-ins were a great innovation.

    I love it, and it has finally gotten my wife to stop clicking the traditional "search" button, which bring up that annoying left-side search panel.
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    Originally posted by dietrichbohn
    Toolbar plug-ins were a great innovation.
    I also tried out something called SideWise, which show sites related to the site you are viewing, sort of. It takes a bit of screen real estate, however. (Not unlike the annoying left side search panel.)

    Anyway, thanks for the tip.
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    Sidewise, I'll have to look at that. Real estate is a big deal to me, for some reason. I get my toolbars as tiny as possible, crank my resolution up, and do whatever I can to get as much constantly useful screen space as possible.
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    Keep in mind of course that if you download the Google toolbar, you're agreeing to let Google create a file with the url of every site you visit. While such files are supposed to be anonymous, that can't be guaranteed (see the linked article).
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    My understanding was that you could opt in or out of that, per the following:

    " Privacy Note

    Use of the Advanced Features of the Google Toolbar requires that information about the sites you visit be sent to Google. This is needed to make these features possible. With all advanced features disabled, no information about the sites you visit will be communicated to Google.

    Google respects and protects the privacy of the individuals that use the Google Toolbar. To learn more about the privacy protections we have built into the system, please read our Toolbar privacy policy.

    You can select which advanced features you wish to use below or on the Toolbar options page. To learn more about each of the advanced features, consult the Toolbar button help page"
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    You can opt out of sending them information, but I didn't. I figure, hey, what I visit may be important/valuable to somebody. Better to transfer that value to a company I trust and hope does well (google) than a company I don't (microsoft.)

    The irony being, of course, the Microsoft's IE makes the toobar possible in the first place...
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    Frankly, I didn't opt out either b/c I figure I'm not looking at anything that I want to keep secret.
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    My processing power is contributed to
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    Originally posted by jeff318 is cool
    What does it do?
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    I use the Yahoo! Toolbar and like it better than Google.
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    Originally posted by Techie2000
    I use the Yahoo! Toolbar and like it better than Google.
    yahoo is nice, but I don't really use their services much. And Google's search capabilities on the toolbar are second to none.

    If I were using the Yahoo more, I would be addicted to it.


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