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    Even against the regs BS calls the Lakers pull off a win!!

    That is all.
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    Close call before the OT. Had me pacing back and forth.
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    in the forth wasn't there only like 2 fouls called on Orlando that is a joke i mean really. but Fish was clutch that was so awesome, i was glad to see Kobe dish the ball a but at the end of the game shows he had really matured as a player
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    How much does anyone attribute Kobe's maturity as a player to Phil Jackson? I believe it is somewhere between 80 to high 90's.
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    oh yeah i totally agree Phil has a way with players with big personalities, i mean remember back in the day he had that team with Rodmin pippin and Jordan all high profile type A personalities and that was when pippin was getting sick of being just the side kick to his airness.

    when it come down to it there is a reason he has won more playoff games than any other coach.
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    Champs baby!!!
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    hellll yes!!
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    Champs inside Staples Center, chumps outside.
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    I don't like basketball... but I need to post a few times so I can post a photo.

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