As each important "psychological floor" (4000, 3000, 2000, 1500) has fallen out from under the NASDAQ over the past year, its fair to ask if we should be expecting a "three digit" NASDAQ.

The Motley Fool is discontinuing message boards for companies whose stock price falls below $3 share with a market cap of less than $300M. I think it is the height of hubris for a site that owes much of its existance to promoting message board hype of tech stocks during the run-up of 1999-2000, to pull the plug on further discussion of marginal issues as "serving only to promote speculative investment in penny-stocks". The Fool hasn't pulled the plug on the Handspring board yet, though they have discontinued Avantgo discussions. It especially irks me as I had long participated in discussion strings of these, and other faultering tech issues.

Like it or not, things are looking very bad for Palm, Handspring, and Avantgo. We can only hope that they can generate enough sales and trim expenses enough to weather the storm.