**** THEM!

For those of you (probably all of you) MSN was psonering the encarta challagne. It's a tournament thing with a prize of colelge schoolarships at the end. You answer 5 questions in 15 minutes, and as each round goes by the q's and the time get harder and shorter.

Well, I was doing extremly well, and have practiced all of august, and did round 1 in 3 minutes (Thanks google! )

And was lookign forward to round 2. the problem is is I lead a busy life, and MSN was doing a great job spamming me every 4 days about it. "Round one starts tommorow!" "You passed round 1!" "You only have one more day left to play roudn 1" etc..etc..

Well I go to encartachallange.com becuase I haven't heard form them for ahiwle, and foudn out that I completly missed round 2! MSN did not send me ANY of the mail it sent for round 1, therefore getting medq'ed! I thought I was going to get spam! I DIDN't! THEY led me to beleive that they would notify me of everything. They completly stopped! the second round ended sunday

I feel bad now, becuase I oculd of done well in this. I know I can. I' ma search engine mogul! DAMN MS

*end rant*