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    Is it possible to remap laptop keyboard buttons?


    I have a Comapq Armada m700. I love it so far, however, the keyboard is a little annoying. The "Fn" key is in the place where the "Ctrl" key is, and the "Ctrl" key is where the "Fn" key should be.

    Is there some type of program that will let me remap the two keys and just switch it? I use a ton of keyboard shortcuts all the time when I'm doing work or just surfing the net, so the location of the "Ctrl" key is crutial.

    Thanks for your help in advance!
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    TTT, this is an annoying problem!
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    I agree. I love the layout of my PowerBook, but the one key I want to remap is an extra enter key to the right of the space bar. I want it to be a Delete Forward key. If anyone knows how to remap keys in OS X please let me know.
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