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    I'd like to see this Country strike back at Persian Gulf and Middle East state-based terrorism. But bombing them back into the stone age won't help: they're already not far from that to begin with. Troops? Look what happened to the Russians who were right next door, and had shorter supply lines.

    Why not strike back in a way that will deprive them of the money and power they have used against us since the 1970s.

    Instead of squandering billions (trillions?) on space based weapons systems, channel all that money and research into finding alternatives to petroleum based automobiles and power sources. Not just drilling in our own backyard, but getting us away from it as much as possible, so that it is a much smaller part of our energy base. Things like solar, wind, water have all been given bad raps for years, but I'll bet we are a lot closer to and capable of success in those areas than in star wars technology. Nuclear power is dangerous, but less so in the end than putting our money and our lives into the hands of those who wish to destroy us. Just as we gave them the planes to attack us, we are daily giving them the money and control to attack us.
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    The technology already exists for alternatives to Petroleum. But the Oil Companies are big and rich and wants things to stay the way they are now. They are big financers for the politicians we elect.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    They are big financers for the politicians we elect.
    which is a good reason to move away from oil and fossil fuels, so perhaps the people can own their leaders insetead of the corporations.
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