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  • Dunkin Donuts

    26 37.14%
  • Krispy Kreme

    39 55.71%
  • Other

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    -Michael Ducker
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    i know of a donut connection and dunkin donuts near me. although i seem to also like cubs donuts fresh out of the bakery.
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    Originally posted by potter
    I am sorry. I did not mean to infer that at allp.s. Thanks again for the image.
    to quote mary's father from something about mary, "I'm f'ing with you, Ted." i was kidding you.

    All kidding aside, and I try to avoid donuts to keep my girlish figger, man, am I craving one now. has anyone else ever noticed that the amount of sugar one should put in one's coffee dimishes when one has a tasty, hot, glazed donut to go along with?


    P.S. You're very welcome.
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    Originally posted by usonian2001
    Oh, and if you make it over to Buffalo, Tim Horton's is definitely worth a stop.


    Buffalo?!?! BUFFALO?!?!? ugh! that's like saying 'if you're ever in Toronto, try the Applebys'!!!

    Tim Horton's is Canada's best (and frankly ONLY) doughnut chain and will always be the best...

    They have expanded to places like Buffalo and the Detroit area (perhaps elsewhere) as they purchased (or were purchased by?) Wendy's. So, more often than not, whenever you see a NEW Tim Horton's, there will be a Wendy's nearby.

    Buffalo?!? Come to Canada and try the glory that is a Tim Horton's doughnut!
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    Tim Hortons was bought by Wendys. They have locations all over Columbus Ohio now.
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    Krispy Kreme by far. I agree, whats up with the spelling?
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    Who knows? The cops around here eat them all before I can get any.
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    Freihofer's. There's none better.
    mmm, pumpkin glazed ... I gotta go to the store.
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    Freihoffers? I remember we used to buy boxed cookies upstate New York from Freihoffers. Is it the same? Those were awesome cookies!!!
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    the family sold the company some years ago but they're still locally operated, and they still make great chocolate chip cookies (among other things). The "plain" donuts are softer straight from the box than when I was a kid but still taste just as good.
    I have a loaf o Freihofer's bread on the counter right now.
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    Alas Poor Ole Yorick,

    There is a word in Japanese that is apropriate right now..."Natsukashi". It is a term they use when referring to things that bring up old memories, usually good ones.

    So I say to you now, Natsukashi to Arigato Desu Ne!
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    Originally posted by Hoser_back_home

    Tim Horton's is Canada's best (and frankly ONLY) doughnut chain and will always be the best...
    Couldn't have said it better m'self. Here, here.
    Gotta go get me one of them Hot English Toffee Coffees ... .
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    Of the two I prefer Krispy Kreme (fresh is better, but they taste good to me even if a bit older). Out of all donuts, I much prefer the various home made donut shops on Cape Cod (probably other parts of New England too). My Grandfather goes out early in the morning to get donuts when I visit and I'm always disappointed when he brings back DD. How can anyone that has access to REAL donuts go out and buy DD I have no idea .
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    My wife is so happy they are building a Dunkin Donuts around the corner from us. They are practically non-existent in the Northern Ohio while they are on like every corner in New York and Connecticut where we are originally from.
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    Krispy Kremes !! I love 'em. I grew up in a town 2 blocks from a Duncan Donuts, my sister even worked there for a while, and no question about it - they make a darn good donut. Then we moved to a town where there was a Krispy Kreme (which I had never heard of) and WOW!! I was hooked. My wife and I go out of our way to get those Krispy Kremes...
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    All you folks who are hundreds of miles from the nearest Dunkin Donuts will appreciate this:

    I really feel for this fellow Los Angelino... I actually knew about the former Dunkin Donuts in Torrance, but never got around to driving all the way down there - at the time, 25 miles seemed way too far. Some time last year, I decided those Chocolate Honey Dipped donuts and a pound of their signature coffee beans would be worth the trip, but the Yahoo YP listing showed up as 'DK donuts', while they still showed up as 'Dunkin Donuts' on the search. Hoping against hope, I called the number listed on Yahoo, and sure enough, it was no longer Dunkin Donuts. The cranky woman who answered the phone tried to tell me it was exactly the same, though.

    ::: sigh :::

    Time for a road trip to the nearest Dunkin Donuts in San Jose.
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    I enjoyed the donut link, that was funny.

    I have one question about your web site: Nerdly Things? I think this site rates at least a "Geekly"...

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    DD v. KK is like ... Coke v. Pepsi

    If you do a blind taste test, OVER 50% of the people cannot tell which is which.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    I can tell a huge difference between Pepsi and Coke. I like both (prefer Pepsi) but that does not mean I cannot tell the difference. I will say I buy whatever is on sale.
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    I cannot believe there have been over 600 views of this thread and just 50 votes!
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