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    An email I just sent to my entire address list:


    We are writing from New York City on September 12, 2001 to ask all of you to join us in donating as much of your tax rebate as you possibly can to the Red Cross, the Patrolman's Benevolent Association, or the Uniformed Firefighter Association. Their heroism and bravery over the last two days, at the cost of hundreds of their own lives, has been the strongest beacon of hope our great city has. We ask you personally, and as New Yorkers, to dig deep and send as much as you possibly can. Please forward this email to everyone, everywhere.

    American Red Cross
    800 HELPNOW
    212 787-1000
    150 Amsterdam Avenue
    NY, NY 10023

    Patrolman's Benevolent Association
    (their headquarters are at ground zero)
    212 233 5531
    40 Fulton Street
    NY, NY 10004

    Uniformed Firefighter Association
    212 683-4832
    204 E. 23rd St
    NY, NY 10010

    PLEASE, PLEASE, copy this into an email and send it out... if you're not here you have no idea how horrible it is. Firefighters are working 24hrs on 24 hrs off, entire companies have been lost in the wreckage. It's unbeleivable here.

    I hope that everyone out there is safe and sound. Hang in there... we will bounce back.
    exit, pursued by a bear.
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    Another good way that you can donate money to the American Red Cross is to go to , where you will find the frontpage is dedicated to donating money to teh REdCross. So far they have donated 1.6 million dollars in less than 14 hours.


    I must give props to Miradu for this.
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    Thanks for the link, ben and miradu. I plan on donating tomorrow morning. I gave blood this afternoon. So I can say I have done my part.

    I am going to go eat another cookie.

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    Hello All.

    New York City has experienced a tragic loss. A loss of life, a loss of our sense of security, a loss of words...
    I'd have posted sooner, but I've been busy. In addition to being a Visor enthusiast, I'm an NYPD Sergeant. We have been devastated. The FDNY has taken even greater losses. The cowardly terrorist act targeted at innocent civilians will somehow touch the life of every single person in this country. I have lost good friends, both professional and personal. My next door neighbor was on the 78th floor of Tower 2. He was last heard from just after the first jet struck Tower 1. He hasn't been located yet. The search for all victims continues. It is very difficult for rescuers to do their jobs. Fires are still burning, other buildings are ready to collapse after being bombarded with megatons of debris. We will push on but it's a slow process. This is unfortunate because with every moment that passes, we come that much closer from switching from rescue to recovery mode. When word spread of the first plane's impact, many thought it was either a mistaken rumor or an actual accident involving a small personal aircraft such as a Cessna or Piper. I didn't have a TV available so I went to the roof of my Manhattan work location. From the roof, there is an excellent view of the twin towers. I was aghast when I saw the destruction. My co-workers and I were preparing to be mobilized to go downtown as well as discussing how this could possibly happen. As we viewed the gaping hole and raging fire, we saw the second jet plow through the South Tower. Every single officer and civilian on that roof realized at the same instant that the first crash was no accident. As I write this, I'm still trying to get that damn fireball erased from my brain. I wish it were as easy as a hard reset. We were immediately mobilized. That was a little after 9:00 Tuesday. Since then, I've been working almost non-stop. Yesterday afternoon, it was decided that my unit would be working 12 hour shifts. Last night I slept in my own bed for the first time in a few very long days. They have felt like the longest of my life. I woke my kids and never hugged them so hard. I, like so many others, am a mixture of sadness, anger, exhaustion, resolve, apprehension, and so many other emotions. I apologize for this long ranting post. I wanted to sleep some more, but I couldn't. I tried to distract myself by surfing my favorite sites, and was touched by Matty's post. Thank you Matty. Thank you everyone. Right now, it's so difficult to imagine how we'll get through this, but we will. All your help is appreciated. God bless us all.
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    ...and God bless you, Scottster and your colleagues, for your magnificent efforts up there!

    Linda Worthington
    Life is not a dress rehearsal!
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    Originally posted by Scottster
    I apologize for this long ranting post.
    My friend, you can rant anytime you want. You, like your bretheren, are true hero's. You've earned the right to rant. Godspeed to you, your fellow officers, and to all that are part of the rescue effort. We all applaud you...
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    So far, with the current Ebay bids and the Stowaway keyboards sold, we are around $1,199. Not as much as some of the donations I've heard about, but every bit helps...and you guys are fantastic! Once I get everything posted, I think we could realistically raise around $6,000. That would be fantastic!

    All of you, if you have friends or family that were interested in Visor related products...have them check out the auctions and the products on the Gear page of VisorAdventure. I'll donate all commissions from Iambic software sales, SecuraTrak GPS sales, Intrigo Lapstation sales, and Margi Presenter to Go sales. Every little bit helps.
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    To Scottster
    and all of the emergency & volunteer workers at ground zero:

    From one who has lost a close friend (that we know of) and g*d knowshow many more THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    for eveything that you are doing. My heart and paryers go out to everyone who has lost someone or is missing someone.
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    Amen to that.

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