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    In honor of those who have fallen, I urge you to fly your flags (half-mast if you can).

    Show your support for America.
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    I agree whohartley. I live pretty close to all of this, and am right in the middle of the investigation in boston. This is a horrible act, and we must honor all of those who risked their lives to try to save innocent people.

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    Originally posted by Traveliter
    In honor of those who have fallen, I urge you to fly your flags (half-mast if you can).

    Show your support for America.
    Will you mind if I use your avatar for the time being? It's very inspiring.
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    Great idea. Flags are flying half-mast in my yard in honor of our fallen comrades. Especially the heroic passengers in the flight over Pennsylvania, who saved the country another devastating loss with their very lives
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    The State of Minnesota has declared (aroudn noon yesterday i think) that all flags should be flown at half mast. This is my first time on VC posting abotuhis topic, - I've been in such an information overload about this, it's truely shocking. I hope the best to all, and I know the US will prosper, and that the WTC2 will be built in memory of those wo died.

    more to come lator from me.. just not now.

    btw, I fully support Alan's decision to postpone the VA, and as to the entire country I hope the best to all.
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    I don't have a mast to fly a flag but I have a flag that was posted in my front yard on Memorial Day. I put that flag back up in my front yard.

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    Maybe one thing that we could all do here to support our country is to change our Avaitor to one of a flag to honor those who have died. This tradjedy is getting worse and worse by the moment. So far we have had over 10 bomb threats in boston alone today, and half of the major buildings in the city have been evacuated. This feeding frenzy has got to stop, and we must being the mental build up.
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    How about this for a new avatar?
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    (I copied this flag from a fanfiction site.)

    I have a few friends that live in NY that I haven't heard from yet. Several of my friends here in California have friends and family that they can't reach either. Three of the downed planes were on their way to Los Angeles, and a good friend of mine was supposed to be on one of those planes, but she decided to take a later flight. I live just a few miles from LAX, and usually see/hear planes overhead all the time. The noise often bothers me, but this current silence is actually more unnerving.

    My heart just hurts. It's hard for me to understand how people could do something like this. I don't have a flag to fly (and actually nowhere to put it if I did...) so this temporary avatar is just my way of saying that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone. We are all affected, whether or not we personally know someone hurt, missing or killed.
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    Whenever I see those avatars, with (or with out) the WTC, it is depressing to me.

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    Originally posted by VTL
    How about this for a new avatar?
    I think the sentiment was there, but it only brought uncontrollable tears. Please see my reply to Matty here
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    Originally posted by ernieba1
    Whenever I see those avatars, with (or with out) the WTC, it is depressing to me.
    I'm so sorry erniebal; I didn't mean to depress you, or anyone else. I've edited my post above to reflect why I have temporarily changed my avatar.
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    I'm sorry if I contributed in any way to your grief. The sentiment was otherwise - to show we aren't cowed by what happened, and to remember what's been lost.

    Maybe my new Avatar will hit less close to home while still expressing the same sentiment.
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    I have had this avatar since we were first able to use them.

    Seems more appropriate now.
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    yes, i went to the stores in time to buy a flag. and it's hanging on my window (i live in a dinky apt).
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    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    I could not find one that is half mast, so this one should do...

    It is the dutch flag since that is my nationality...

    FYI in the Netherlands everybody will have their flag half-mast today too...
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    I can really think of nothing to say that has not already been said.

    I had the pleasure of seeing NewYorkCity on the 4th of July several years ago. My wife and I flew in early that morning and flew home late that night. It was an awesome day. To stand on top of the Empire State Building and look across the skyline was something I will never forget. While that skyline may be changed, the memories that so many have will never be forgotten.

    I salute each and every firefighter, policeman, and rescue worker. I salute our Armed Forces. I salute the brave men and women of NYC. I salute the men and women onboard the aircraft that stared death in the face and helped to prevent the loss of countless lives.

    I salute America. For all that she is, good and bad.

    But most importantly, I pray for each and every person involved in this tragedy. That something good will rise from the ashes. May no loss of life ever go without knowledge gained.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    I was going to modify my avatar to include a flag, and even started working on it. I want to retain the skull as it represents my identity here (much as the flag represents our national identity). However, it occured to me as I fiddled that a flag either on or behind a skull is the wrong message to send especially at this time. So, I respectfully abstain from changing my avatar.
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    My local newspaper got on the band wagon today and included in the paper was a decent color printed flag about about 10 inches by 14 inches. Now some of you might say that how did they fold that flag correctly into your daily newspaper......they didn't. The took the extra time to have every newspaper dropped on the door step with just the typical bi-fold in the middle and the flag tucked inside.

    Great job and now nearly every house in Modesto is displaying a US Flag in their window.
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    Honestly Yorick is your identity really important right now? I think it would be better to remove the skull all together or to find something else. Because it just sends the wrong message all together.
    God bless the USA! The country I love, and will support at all costs.
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