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Date Posted: 10:13:05 09/07/01 Fri
Author: Laurel
Subject: Boston area research on technology crazed young professionals

InContext Enterprises is working in partnership with an international communications corporation to envision the future of young professionals in a technologically-enabled, integrated world. InContext Enterprises is a leading design firm helping companies design products and processes based on a detailed, accurate understanding of their customers.
Ř We are currently conducting a study to understand how young people’s social habits change as they enter the workforce and the technological implications of this. As part of this study we are looking for young working men and women (age 22-30) who are early adopters of technology, who are seasoned users of mobile phones, pagers, palms and SMS, and who want to use technology for everything they do. We would like to spend two hours with each person in their work and social environments, to see how they interleave their personal and work lives and access and filter information. To accomplish this, we will observe users as they transition between work and social time – at lunch, end of work hours, and into the evening. Users who participate in this study have the opportunity to influence and inform emerging technology to support their active lifestyles and to keep them connected to the people and the information specific to their needs.
Participants will receive a $100 gratuity or contribution to their favorite charity.
If you're interested, please contact, including a description of the technology you use and what you use it for, as well as the industry you work in. Thanks!