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    Quote Originally Posted by nismoG20 View Post
    do your self a favor
    get a infiniti
    Based on your username, hardly a surprise hearing that answer .
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    I've had both the Audi (a 2002) and the Acura (2005). The Acura comes w/ everything, including bluetooth (which should work great w/ the Pre). The AWD is great for the snow, but it gets terrible gas mileage. It's a very heavy (and safe) car, but the mileage you'll get is mid to high 20's on the freeway and closer to 17mpg in mixed/light city driving. Probably lower teens in heavy city traffic.
    The Audi (I had the 1.8T) could get 30mpg on the freeway and low 20's mixed.

    For a college student, the RL might be a bit much, but if you can afford it w/o going into debt, then it's the "better car."

    I had no reliability issues w/ my 2002 A4. But I personally don't like the look of the 2006 A4.

    (and for the record, I clicked on this topic from the forums b/c I thought there was a pre bluetooth compatibility question!)
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    Get a Hyundai Genesis, change the emblems if you want to the Genesis wings, instead of Hyundai. That's got to be the best car around right now that does not break the bank.
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    RL has a 5 star crash rating. And Honda's last forever. Audi's are a nightmare once they hit 60-70k miles. How do I know? My sister has an 04 A4. She's glad she bought the insurance from Carmax. She tells me her Audi specific mechanics even tell her they're a nightmare to own. lol

    ...but German certainly isn't junk. My 2005 BMW E46 3 series is a blast to drive with no mechanical headaches.
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    Audi says nice, stable guy with a good pedigree and probably decent marriage material. So, you might want to get the Acura.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewzer View Post
    Yeah, because now is a great time to invest.
    My recent investments are up big right now.
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