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No, you asked for specific information, that I then provided for you. You then said that you thought I "had something from the last couple of days", which I indeed did - Cheney's claim was brand new.
Ok, I know I'm getting old. What is "new" here? The fact that the interview happened recently, and the article was written recently, yes - thats new. But there's nothing new in what Cheney is saying... unless (and again, I'm old. Help me here) I'm missing something again.

There's two things here:

1) Al Queda and their relationship with the Hussein regime.

2) Iraq's involvement with the plotting or planning of the 9/11 attacks.

These are two separate issues, concepts, ideals, statements, etc.

As far as I know, Cheney has ALWAYS held that item 1) above is believed to be TRUE, and;

2) while initially there some hints there may have been some involvement, and they looked hard at the possibility, there is no evidence that Iraq was directly involved with plotting/planning/carrying out 911.

Cheney's always said this, hasn't he? Even if he hasn't, I know that this was *my* understanding based on what was reported as early as 2002, prior to even going in to Iraq.

Seriously, what did he "change", or what was the "new revelation" in this article? I must be missing it.