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    I'm asking this on behalf of a friend. Her boyfriend is out of the country (in the Caribbean) for a few days. He sent her a text message but claimed he was unable to call her. She doesn't want to be suspicious or anything , but was just wondering if that was possible.

    He's on Verizon, if that's important.
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    Text messages are very small, and if you can get a connection for only a few seconds a text can be sent. But it would be nearly impossible to have a conversation with such a bad signal.

    Of course "unable to call" can have several meanings, it could also have to do with the bill for international minutes vs texting. Tell your friend to relax.
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    Thanks. My friend feels much better about it.

    I know the "friend" bit sounds suspicious--but it really IS a friend, who asked me about it as I am the gadget geek around here, though I don't really text much so I wasn't sure. It is a new relationship for her and the last guy was a jerk who would lie about something like that. This new guy sounds like a good one, though.

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    Dear maggie,

    Like said before your friend's boyfriend could be telling the truth, there could be a lot of reasons.. for example at NYE it is allways hard to get a call through on a cell, but txts seem to work.

    But the deeper issue is trust, does she have a reason do doubt her BF? if so that it the issue she should be tackling. tell her to discuss her feelings, perhaps she is just insecure.
    On the other hand the BF could have given her reasons to distrust him, the time appart may be a good time to evaluate that.

    good luck and kind regards,
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    For reference, from my quick search, depending on where in the Caribbean he is, texting is $0.50 to send and $0.05 to receive, calls are between $1.29 and $1.99 per minute.
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    Hee--thanks, Abby.

    I don't think she has a reason to doubt him (and tried to tell her that). They've only been dating a month, and became "exclusive" right before he left. I think it's leftover from the last guy, really. She really was much relieved when I told her that the text message probably cost less than a phone call! I think she just wanted an excuse to think well of him!

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