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    After 9 months of a healthy obsession with my Visor, I am sad to say that it has been demoted from an amazingly cool, neato-keen, whiz-bang gadget to merely a very functional and totally practical tool. I still use it heavily every day, but it is now just a normal part of my existance, not anything special. Unfortunately, my participation on this BBS has declined also. I'd like to thank everyone on this board for their helpful and friendly advice, and encourage them to keep up the good attitude.

    Just for the record, the new object of my obsession is a black 1997 BMW F650 dual-sport motorcycle that I bought myself for my 30th birthday.

    There is a BBS associated with this vehicle (, the Chain Gang) that is populated by people who are as devoted, intelligent and friendly as the folks here at VisorCentral. Their BBS software is primitive, but the content more than makes up for it.

    It's been a good run, and if anyone in Austin TX want to go riding some weekend, drop me a line!
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    "The more things change, the more they stay the same"

    I too have morphed from an addict to applying the Visor to my everyday life. Started with the deluxe 'back in the day' and upgraded to the Platinum. Finally bought the wife a Delux when the Staples and rebate were going on.

    I'm looking to add the BMW R1150RT to my stable and the link for it's discussion group is
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    Hmmm, is this a trend forming here?

    I picked up a 94 Yamaha Seca II about a month ago.

    I'd post a picture, but all the ones I have are huge, and I have no way to edit them now.
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    This is a trend, I bought myself an '82 Yamaha Heritage for my 51st birthday.

    We should start the Visor MC.
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    it is a trend indeed.. Even I am thinking of buying a motorbike...
    I just don't have the money for the investment at the moment
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    While I too am not quite the wild-eyed fanboy I was when I first got my Visor, it is still such an important part of my life that I would get a panic attack were I to be without it.

    As age takes its toll, my memory grows more unreliable. My Visor is the "third lobe of my brain", remembering all that I cannot.

    And I can occasionally recreate those enthusiastic days of yore when I write a new neat-o, keen-o software application for my Visor.
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