My PC is frequently crashing these days, and after some poking around, it seems to be memory related. I've got 1Gb of DDR 3200 (2 x 512 sticks) and while I've tried swapping/removing various combinations I'm still getting regular crashes.

First, can anyone confirm it's definately memory - I'm getting blue screens blaming various .sys files (ntfs.sys, win32.sys) and FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_MEMORY errors occasionally. I can post the mini-dumps if anyone is interested.

Second, having decided that it's broken, I need some more, BUT, I'm getting a new set up (also AMD based) within a couple of months , so can I buy some decent Crucial ram and swap it into my new system? Should I be looking/waiting for the latest DDR2 style?

Thanks in advance.