Geithner`s top pick to be his deputy, Annette Nazareth, withdraws from consideration after vetting of her financial history. Apparently, if you are an democrat, you are above paying your taxes like the rest of the people.

I wonder what percentage of democratic politicians, "important people" actually pay their taxes the way they dictate the "ordinary folks", as obama puts it, are to pay them. Does this not insult other democrats to see the figure heads they are electing into office are slapping them across the mouth with this behavior?

These demulecrats fail to pay $150,000 in taxes yet they are going to be the right mules for the job in handling a financial crisis? Like THEY know the right way to correct it?

For all the fervor dems defend their party`s agenda with, their arguments become quite laughable and ridiculous once you see the manner in which their party operates.

Failure to talk the talk AND walk the walk. Thy name is democrat.