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    Dubit is powered by Flash and Internet Explorer.

    Post your reactions here.
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    What the heck is it? there's no "About" link, no information is provided, and as I'm using a Mac it tells me

    We are pushing Flash 5 to its limit, so we are having to code out a specific Mac Version due to Mac caching issues.
    It will be coming soon, dont worry.
    which is essentially bullpucky as Flash is a standardized program designed to operate the same on both Mac & Windows OS. If they have real cache issues they can ask users to make modifications.
    All I get in the so-called "preview" area available to me is two different login boxes (no way to register), a legal notice, and a big mess o icons. Picking one takes me to what appears to be a virtual environment, including registration boxes, but still no "about us."
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    whatever it was, it wasnt compelling enough for me to wait for it too load, and i have a amd 1ghz and adsl.

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