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    I know that a degaussing coil removes EMF from a monitor's circuits, but I have a button to degaussing my monitor. When I press it, it gets wavy and kind of spins, then reverts to normal. Is this something I should do say daily?
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    Not really, but it won't hurt anything. I usually don't use mine until/unless I notice that the edges of the screen are out of focus or wavy, etc. Then using the degauss usually fixes the problem.
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    Your monitor degausses everytime it boots or reboots. If you are running Windows (X) then a good reboot is necessary every once in awhile anyway. If you run a vacuum cleaner or other high EMF device then hitting the degauss button might fix those annoying flickers or color variations.

    Otherwise, don't bother unless your on drugs and you want a "trip" effect while the monitor recovers.
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    Alrightly, thanks guys!

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