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    Hello VisorCentral. I am writing this post for two reasons, one to inform the world, that my summer's over and I leave for a roadtrip tommrow, and don't get back till he day school starts

    I dislike roadtrips so much BUT, in the spirt of the VisorAdventure, I have made my own mini version. Come on down to my site - and click on ra. ( I have spent the last week writing all the backend code, so I can do compelte posts, and uploading of pictures from my visor. I wil try to write some essays on the use of it - without a pc- . I am bringing along a Visor Prism, Thinmodem, Stowaway Keyboard, Eyemodule2, and a couple of accesories (lots of chargers extra stylus etc..) I will also be writing reviews while on the road - well if I can e-mail them to Marcus..(I'm having dificulties getting wordsmith and Multimail III to work together) So for now, I wish you all a good next 2 weeks. I know I will be missing the boards, expecially with the height of the rumers starting - but it's just not possible to post from your visor, it's almost impossible. (horrible UI for blazer)

    So long, and I wish you all a good 2 weeks. !

    (btw, I'm going to the east cost. MY big brother is looking at
    colleges, and I vist my grandparents and see a cousins wedding)
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Have fun and good luck!

    ...If you get multimail and WS to work together, please post how or email me!

    ...are you bringing a spellcheck?
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    Bye Randydu! Be sure to enter to win the SiPix printer so you can print on "vacation". ....On second thought, don't enter. Me wantee printer!
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