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    This subprime credit scheme was initiated during the Clinton presidency, and continued through the second Bush administration.

    As we all know, the "grand" idea of this front was to give mortgages to EVERYONE, even those who had no business owning a home. People who lied about their income and employment were all given mortgages. Any attempt to keep lending practices exclusive to those who could actually afford them, which is how it should be, were attacked with charges of prejudice or racism, all the typical cards certain folks employ to further their agenda. We know how THAT ended up.

    We have proud upstanding representations of the democratic party like Barney "the banking queen" Frank, who, while running prostitution rings in addition to having "relationships" with various executives at the helms of some of these large lending firms, forcing indymac, fannie mae among others to lend subprime packages to the grossly underqualified. Here is a "man" who is on record saying that there is absolutely no problem with these practices and that there is no threat whatsoever going forward. We have Chris Dodd doing the exact same thing, with Acorn in the mix pushing this disaster into fruition.

    What is rich is that democrats predictably try to pin all that has imploded within the financial climate on Bush, when evidence trail clearly leads to Democrats such as Frank and Dodd. Bush presided over this period, but the democrats pushed this scheme through, threatening fines and penalties upon lenders if they refused to deliver the subprime contracts.

    These are the stewards of "change" that this country has charged with its leadership?

    Its disturbing how the media does not focus on such issues, and instead targets its attack around whatever serves their agenda.

    Acknowledge the past mistakes and leverage consequences upon those accountable in order to right the ship again. Keeping clowns like Barney " the banking queen" Frank and Chris Dodd in charge will not bring the "change" we need.
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    Using terms like "the banking queen" and "obamanation" (in another post) are just the types of things that prevent having a rational discussions about these issues.

    Clearly the credit crisis was helped along by members of both parties, but terms like that make it clear that the goal of your post is to look at the issue with the same kind of blinders you accuse the media of.
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    This really is an old issue. Clearly it was helped along by members of both parties; however, the leadership of the Democrat party hold it squarely in their laps and have done so for years.

    As for change, what change? We are back in the Clinton era with a president who really has a tough time ahead of him and is displaying very well his inability to say anything of importance. Same old stuff that got him elected that he finds himself in some situations unable to carry through.

    Talk about that, how can he be sensitive for the rights of killers and yet approve the killing of unborn children. What a guy.
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    "the banking queen"/ "man"
    Nice use of homophobic terms.

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