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    I know a few of the people on VC have set up Linux on a mac, so I thought I'd ask for everyone's opinion on it.

    I have an old Compaq P133 that I've been meaning to get running, but I figured that my PowerMac 7200/90 isn't being used for anything, so, what the hell, I might as well throw Linux on that and run it as a web server.

    Any thoughts on a particular mac-friendly linux distribution?
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    There is a distro called e-smith linux (based on Red Hat Linux) that is designed exclusively for web/file/mail/ftp/dhcp services. Granted, its not a Mac solution, but it should work on your P-133 ---- Its really cool.. I installed it a few days ago and it was super easy to setup (I popped in the CD, it detected everything on the system, and within 15 minutes, it had me totally configured) --- it installed DHCP services, a gateway (router), apache web server, ProFTP FTP server, mail services, file sharing (both Macintosh & PC), etc.. Whats really nice is since it sets up everything, you can then learn more about Linux as you are benefiting from it Also, it has a nice web interface as well as SSH services so you technically don't have to access the system directly after it is installed.

    check it out at

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    Your mac's old enough that almost any of the linux distributions should work smoothly. I've been trying to get debian on my imac for a while now. My main problem is that it's too new. I even tried booting from the Yellowdog .iso - with no success.
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