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    well, i did it again. i left my plat (and this time stowaway as well) in a cab yesterday. some of you may recall i did this in march as well. boy, am i stupid.

    however, AGAIN the cab driver returned it to me. he just left my place (i gave him a $25 reward, which might be cheap but was all he was willing to take). (i gave the last guy $50 i think).

    boy, am i lucky.

    oh, and just in case anyone in toronto is curious, both times the company was beck taxi.

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    Originally posted by mensachicken
    i left my plat (and this time stowaway as well) in a cab yesterday. some of you may recall i did this in march as well.
    Maybe you should take the bus!

    It's nice to hear that there are still some honest people out there.
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    Wow!! You ARE a lucky mean, chicken!

    Do you have your name inside your case or did they just go to where they dropped you off? Did he say how long it was in the cab? I'm surprised his next fare didn't snag it without telling him...
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    well i know for sure if i left it on the bus i'd never get it back.

    as for how i got them back... the first time, the guy just came to my house because he dropped me there.

    yesterday, however, i got off at the corner so i could go to 7-11 and then walked around the corner to home. so basically, i figured all was lost and was getting ready to post here about what i should buy to replace it.

    then just by the hell of it i thought i'd see if Beck Taxi had a web site where i could submit a report. (i was also interested as i'm a web designer so i wondered what whoever made a site for a cab company would put on it--like, could i order a cab from the web). to my surprise there were testimonials on the site from people who'd left things in the cab and gotten them back from honest drivers.

    so i called the company, told them when i was picked up, they tracked down the cab ID from that (thankfully, i hadn't flagged the cab but had summoned it to pick me up). so then they called the cabbie and then he called me and told me when he'd drop by with it.

    i do not have any sticker or anything on the plat so there was no way for him to find me--he had to wait for me to come to him.

    all worked out wel in the end.

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    Reminds me of the story of how world class cellist Yo Yo Ma left his priceless cello in the trunk of a cab (I think that was last year or the year before). Think of that. At least it wasn't his Palm OS device.
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    boy, am i lucky.
    How is forgetting your visor TWICE in a cab lucky?

    Perhaps you should put it in your pocket?
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    perhaps putting an address label on the back of your plat would be a good idea ... as you said, it's not marked. I've considered doing that with mine, but haven't because I never let it out of my sight (unless I'm at home).

    Along the lines of things left in cabs, I remember that a few years back the figurines for the Wallace and Gromit shorts were left in a cab by Nick Park (the director/creator) when he was in New York; he got them back but I don't recall how.
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    New Yorkers are used to celeberties going, "Fasten your seatbelt" and "Don't forget your things" everytime you're in a taxi. A particularly funny one is Yo Yo Ma saying, "Don't do what I did, take all your belongings with you."

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    so ... did you buy a lottery ticket?

    yeah, i wrote that ...

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