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    OK, I'm tired of guessing, so I figure someone out there has heard these straight from the horse's mouth.

    1. How does Steve pronounce "Jobs" -- with a long or short "o"?

    2. How to Steve pronounce OS X. "X" or "ten"?
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    OS "Ten" and short "o", like the plural of job...

    That's how I've always heard both pronounced.

    Though if you followed el steve-o back in the Jaguar days, you might wonder how he pronounces other things, considering he constantly referred to it as "jag-wire".
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    Yeah, I remember the "Jagwire" pronunciation. While I can of understand the "X" vs. "10" thing, I find it curious that so many hardcore Apple fanboys like to pronounces Steve's last name as in the Book of Job.

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