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    For those of you who use Ricochet, the high speed wireless Internet service, operations will cease on August 8. I had aspired to use the service myself one day as I have always been intrigued by its speed, although not by the price at $75/mo.

    It seems that this is another set back for wireless Internet users who dream of upgrading from 19.2.

    Read the CNET article here.
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    I'm gettin' better! Not dead!
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    Well played.
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    Dang - the link don't work for me.
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    It returned from the dead anyways. See
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    Many years ago, sometime in the early to mid 1990s I think, I actually signed up for the original Ricochet wireless service. D@mn! The service at that time was expensive and atrocious! It came with a black rectangular brick-like modem that you velcro taped to your laptop computer. The speed was something pathetically slow like 9600 BAUM, which was noticeably slower than dial-up. Even worse, the reliability of connection was very shoddy, as the reception depended on whether there were nearby transmitters on top of telephone poles. It was fun playing with this for awhile, because it was very cutting edge high technology at the time. During those days, a high end laptop also cost over $5,000 ! Anyway, times have certainly changed for the better in wireless technology! Too bad a Treo 700p didn't exist at the time! I would have been all over it!!
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