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    Memory is cheap right now an I'm looking to buy more, but there is one thing I cannot figure out. What do 64x64, 64x72, 32x64 mean? If I mix a 64x64 SIMM with a 64x72 SIMM is that ok or should they both be the same for max performance? Someone please help as I can't find adequate info about those numbers.
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    The numbers on RAM modules indicate the physical layout of the memory.

    This describes the structure of the memory module. The first number is the depth of the module (or, the number of signals the module sends at one time). The second is the width (of the module's data bus). To get the total megabytes of the module, multiply the depth by the width and divide by 8 (or 9 for ECC or parity; if you're not sure if you have ECC/Parity divide the width by which ever one gives you an integer). For example, a 16M72 is 16 x 72 / 9 = 128MB.
    Go to They have some extensive tech info in their library as well as a detailed memory selector. You should be able to find everything you need there.
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