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    Turn in his "Resignation Letter"
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    Love it. I take it that those hang overs from the Bush cabinet are also incompetent? I thought. A slam just to slam.

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    We have just been through eight years of total incompetence at the cabinet level. Anything would be an improvement.

    Did any Republican suggest the same for Bush ? (A: no.)
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    The new president needs to support his country. The new president needs NOT to apologize for his country's very existence. The new president needs NOT to bow down to anyone outside of the country. The new president needs to be consistent with his campaign promises and post election actions. Goodness, our new president does not do any of the above.
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    Hello everybody!

    I think he should do first...

    Go to the problem areas:- Visit Wall Street. Talk to the investor community as well as to leaders in the corporate sector. Rather than hold a grand summit, make a point of visiting leaders where they work. See how they operate. Go to Iraq and Afghanistan. Talk to our troops and our commanders on their turf. Meet with Iraqi and Afghani leaders. Judge firsthand what the problems are before you begin to develop solutions.

    Look for success stories:- Visit the high-performing companies. Ask questions about how they have achieved success. At the same time, visit humanitarian organizations. Discuss their needs but also learn how they solve problems.
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    Barry has NO track record when it comes to success stories - not his cup of tea. He needs to support this country, not talk it down.
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