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    I went out with my gf, a fraternity brother, and his gf to watch the sox game. I dropped off my bro and his gf and I get a call from my ex finance (it's been almost 2 years since we broke up) drunk from a bar asking about an inside joke. I chuckled at it and she said she'd talk to me later b.c she couldn't hear me on the phone b.c she was at a bar. I tell my gf of 1 year about this b.c she asked who it was and she got all defensive about it. Asking why is she still my friend, and telling me that ex finances are not friends. And why she called me ruining a great night out with friends. Friends that she says "she puts a good face on for"

    I can see how a current girl friend can be a little jealous of an ex, but to tell me she is just putting a good face on when we are with my friends? I know my friends are not perfect, but I accept them for who they are and have fun with them. They have been there for me for hte past 8 years and vise versa.

    So I ask her waht she means and just circles back to why I'm still friends with my ex.

    WTF! So she doesn't really like my friends and she is jealous as hell over a girl i talk to maybe once a month and broke up with 2 years ago and that has a bf of her own.

    I know it's a little strange to get that call, but to then tell me you are just putting on a good face for my friends just tells me you are totally faking the fact that you like hanging out with them, even if you try to take that back afterwards. and five min after you said it! that makes it worst.

    Makes me think and question what future lies for the two of us.
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    You need to tell your ex to stop calling...

    That is insane... see how you would react if your current gf called and told you she was going out with an old x boyfriend... go ahead and tell us it would not matter because you trust her.

    You know you would be salty. lol

    Of course, if you don't want to be with her, then move on to someone else.... but it is my opinion she is right in this instance.... x whatever do not belong in a current relationship.... unless there are kids involved with your x... then discussions should be limited to the kids. Just my opinion though...
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    Current GF sounds a little wacked. Move forward with caution.

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