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    I have three computers on a simple comcast internet connection thru a wireless router. Two use the wireless cards, one connects thru a wire directly to the back of the router. The wired computer is the one I want to be able to turn off the internet access with remotely. When at home, I simply take the cord away. I would like to be able to do this from one of the other computers at the house, or better yet from my work computer. When I turn off the internet for the wired pc, I don't want to kick the other ones off. Looking to do this on the cheap too. Want to save my $$ for the HTC Touch PRO!! My Mogul's memory is driving me crazy!!
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    what options do you have in the router? You can remote into the router either directly or remote desktop into one of the other computer and then into the router.
    Another option is to remote into the computer in question and shutdown that system.
    Or just shutdown that system when you are done with it.

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