A woman I work with is selling pirated CD's (at work, nonetheless). I wanted to see what the fines were to try and pursuade her to stop, so I visited the RIAA's site. (five years and up to $250,000 in fines. Yikes!)
While I was there I found a page that allows you to search gold and platinum awards.
My favorite group, Boston, still has there "all platinum or greater" streak going. Their debut is still the best selling debut ever at 16 million copies. (an album that was recorded in Tom Scholz' basement). Hootie's "Cracked Rear View" is tied with it, but technically it is not a debut since they relased an EP called "Kootchypop" on their own. Alanis' "Jagged Little Pill" is also tied at 16 million, but it was really her third album. She had previously released two pop albums in Canada.
Have fun checking out your favorites!
Hint: If you get an error message whe searching the database, make sure the end and start date checkboxes are checked and the ascending (or descending) order is checked.
Rock on!