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    I was blessed with really good teeth. I just brush semi-regularly, yet I have really white teeth with no cavities. My friend just started using the tray to whiten her teeth. It's costing her over $200 and she's been doing it for 3 months. My teeth are still whiter than hers.

    How are your teeth?

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    Mine are pretty good. I have one cavity and the front of another got sheared off when I was sucker punched by my step-father. All that's left is to have two more wisdom teeth yanked - braces might be an option at some point.
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    Mine are OK, I had a cavity on a baby tooth but that's gone. I still have an ugly bond from being pushed onto concrete in 2nd grade. But it'll look nicer when it's replaced. As far as whiteness, I've switched to a whitening toothpaste and really am trying to hit 2X a day, it's really working.
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    I have some trouble 'cause I drink too damn much soda and never developed a brushing habit. (It's not a part of my routine and I have to remember to tell myself each day, "Hey stupid! Go brush your teeth!") I use a whitening/tartar control paste which keeps it under control, more-or-less.
    Dentist found cavities on four back teeth when I was a teenager, but haven't had any since.
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    It helps to be married to someone who won't come near you when you wake up or when you go to bed until/unless you've spent at least 3 minutes brushing. Since that's been my situation for a little over a year now, I think I'm in good shape. I need to floss more though -- I used to have this terrific hygenist that would upbraid me big-time if I hadn't been flossing, and it really motivated me. (Would you call that person a "drill sergeant"? Ha! Ugh..)

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    On this subject, how did artifically white teeth become a 'good' thing? How can it be a good thing to subject tooth enamel to harsh bleaches in order to change the color from natural 'bone' to 'sparkling white'?

    The peroxide and some other ingrediants in 'whitening' formulas are pretty nasty. White paste-type toothpaste already has titanium white coloring in it to 'paint' your teeth so they look nice and bright when you are done, detergent for the foaming action (but without adding any real cleaning action!), a dash of rat poison chemical as a preservative, silica sand for scrubbing grit, sugar and other flavorings to cover this stuff, and other things (source: The Secret House- a great book on this kind of stuff!)

    Isn't it about time we stop letting Madison Avenue set silly beauty standards just to sell products? They told us that women's underarms and legs should be shaved to sell more razors, that our natural sweat stinks to sell more artifical fragrances (and did you know that the way true anti-persperants work is by clogging up your sweat glands!?!?!)
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    I was at Target the other day and saw those Crest Strips. Hella expensive (still cheaper than the kind you buy from the dentist I guess). Anyone try those?

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    Originally posted by namja
    I was at Target the other day and saw those Crest Strips. Hella expensive (still cheaper than the kind you buy from the dentist I guess). Anyone try those?
    My wife bought some and used them for about 04 days. Now she only uses them when she remembers. I really wish she would have used them like the instructions say, I would like to know if they really work. I sure am not going to pay 40Bucks for them without knowing for sure.
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