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    Back in the late 60's/early 70's when I was in college (oops, I given away my age) my hair was about 2-3" BELOW my waist. I usually wore it either in a ponytail or braided. When I look closely I can still see what I looked like then in some of the scenes in the movie "Woodstock" (yes, I was there & even paid for the ticket).

    Now that I'm the VP/CFO for a corporation I keep it just long enough to tie back in a small paonytail on the weekends. I'm an old(?) hippie at heart and plan to remain one all my life. If the coporate world or my job ever changes I will grow my hair as long as I can for the industry I'm in.
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    Originally posted by sowens
    Nowadays I tend to lose it fast enough to not care. Figure I'll shoot for the David Crosby look, and if that fails, I'll just shave it off.
    Do it. Remember, there's no dignity in a comb over.
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