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    I say OS "X" when around PC people and OS 10 when around Mac people.

    I think it should be pronounced as the letter X since it is referenced as "OS X 10.0.4"
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    Originally posted by bradhaak
    Just for the sake of sanity
    Are you QuEsTiOnInG our sanity? do yew think we are MAD! DO YOU THINK WE ARE NOT SANE?!

    the voices tell me that's correct, actually. oh. so, never mind, carry on. excuse me, I have to put peanut butter on my dog.
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    Not so much questioning it as looking for some sign of it.
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    I never really thought about it until last year when I went up to a Mac rep at MWNY and said, "OS ex". After I got a funny look I said "OS ten", I guess that is the right way .

    Can't wait to go to MWNY again. I won't be attending the keynote sadly (the company I go through wouldn't pay for it), but I plan on getting updates from my Visor. How I love being a geek .
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