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    I have a digital camera and once in a rare while im looking to print the pictures I take into actual photo prints but the best price I can find is like .49 a print. Anyone know of any cheap places to get digital photos printed?
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    Everywhere I look its .49/4X6. You get get lots of free prints from all kinds of providers though--they all print with Ofoto. I used 50 free prints at Cartogra which uses Ofoto (I haven't seen an online photo developing service that didn't use Ofoto so far). The prints were phenomenal--as good as print! Ofoto itself gives you 15 free prints and I've seen ads for another free 50 prints on some ad at DPreview.

    If you find one let me please post!
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    keep "finding" these free prints. services like Ofoto, Snapfish, and Shutterfly give you amazing prints, as good as prints from film.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    That's confirmed. Great exposures.

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