View Poll Results: Do you use BroadBand or Dial-Up?

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  • Broadband at both home and work.

    37 60.66%
  • Broadband at home, Dial-up at work

    2 3.28%
  • Dial-up at home, broadband at work

    14 22.95%
  • Dial-Up at home and work

    1 1.64%
  • Dial-up at home and nothing at work

    4 6.56%
  • Broadband at home and nothing at work.

    3 4.92%
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    Cable times I've noticed transfer (download) rates for far more that the 2megs/seg advertised...uploading is still 125k/seg. But for the price of AOL & a second phone line you can have cable instead, yeah?
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    Read how Mr. Cringley got broadband. Where there is a need there is a way.:-)

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    Originally posted by icthus
    Some of us would love the choice
    I hope that never happens to me ... having no choice but modem. maybe I'm an addict ...

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Well i had cable ever since i bought my own computer. Well i moved back to downtown Chicago , from champaign IL. and can you f'in belive i cant get cable or dsl service? I live in a major friggin city!! and there is no cable or dsl service "in my area"?????? i am still being jerked around by earthlink, which said the had dsl in my area of chicago? well its been almost three months and no dsl yet? i want to commit sucide cause i cant stand how slow my DIAL-UP is. for the love of god i live in a city why do i still have to use dial-up! well i shall shut up now and go check my BLOOD pressure
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    Don't do it! Stay in there! Remember: the sooner they put in cable or DSL, the more money THEY make, so they probably are rushing to get it in. Hope that keeps you alive and waiting for a few more months .

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