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  • Yes, I certainly do!

    30 81.08%
  • No, but I will install one soon or want one.

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  • No.

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    I used to have a network at home, but since I moved and only took my main computer there is no sense..
    I keep my NIC's and Hub though, you never know.

    I use to have a network with my neighboor/friend/coworker who lived 2 floors above us.
    We had IDSN setup so it would automatically dail in when the proxy got a request. Also we liked to play games once in a while, somehow it is more fun playing agains a human opponent...

    Also we had a messenger service so we could save on the phonebill..
    It was a lot of fun. We had a long UTP cable going out my window and in his. The neighbours in between us asked what the 'wire' was and once they realised it was our network they wanted to be on it too. in the end we had 2 appartments hooked up and cables all over the place...
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    A few weeks ago a friend helped me setup an AirPort base station. I know have two Macs and one PC networked to share my DSL connection. The other two Macs will be upgraded once their wireless networking cards arrive.

    The PC was a pain to get up and running. The wireless network card was a real hassle to install, sheetmetal was ugly. We found a freeware utility to configure the software for the AirPort which was much better than what came with the card.

    Very cool to be able to surf the Net on the couch...
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