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    Where is this $15 registration thing? - $15 per year per domain name.

    Also, how do I let them know what hosting service I use so they can point the DNS to their IP?
    When you sign up for a domain name, you will basked to enter the DNS servers of your ISP. Your ISP then points your domain name to an IP address on one of their servers. Their DNS server than 'talks' to all of the other DNS servers of the world and has them update their directories.

    When you first sign up for a domain at Dotster, you can 'park' the domain on their server. Then, when you get a host, you can go back and update the DNS information to reflect your host's information.
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    Ahh thanks. So at first the actual name wouldn't direct it to the right DNS servers than would it? Because the list would have to be spread around the Internet?
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    DNS stands for Domain Name Server. Each and every ISP has their own DNS (actually, they usually have 2 or 3). When you sign up for a new domain name (at least the .com, .org, and .net ones) you sign up at one of the ICANN acredited registrars (dotster, register, network solutions, tucows, etc.). The domain name information at the registrat has to point at a particular DNS server. Your ISP is responsible for entering that information in their own DNS server.

    It then takes 24-48 hours for that information to propogate to all of the DNS's of the world.

    Basically, the DNS is a phone book.

    So, when you first sign up for a domain at dotster and you ask them to 'park' your domain name, they just user their own DNS server and your domain points to a page on their server saying "this name is taken".

    Then, when you get an ISP/Web Host, you go back to Dotster, and enter the DNSs of your new Host. Then you wait 24-48 hours to have it propogate through the system, and then it will point to your new site.

    It's actually fairly simple. Although my explanation probably makes it sounds more complicated.
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