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    Hey, thought you tech guru's might wanna know what movie to share with your tech guru spouse this friday. Its called Anti-Trust, and if you havent seen it...well you should. Its a great movie about computers and geeks and all that awsome stuff, but what made it rock was the fact that they had some Visor Handhelds in it!! This one girl, who looked good carrying her Visor Deluxe around, connected it to a satelite system to see if it was connected. Cool huh? Also (when you watch the movie you will understand) someone is watching the broadcast through their VisorPhone/Prism duo. Thats my favorite movie for now, i guess, until Handspring makes a movie!

    Just thought you would like to know...

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    It's my 2nd favorite movie. I luv it! IT really connects with me, and I feel sorry for the open source dudes.. It's awesome.. Maatrix of course is my favorite. MY favorite part is when they beat the evil bill gates, and when I zoom (on DVD) and look at the apps they wrote for the Visors
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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