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    I ordered a module through palmgear's site Sunday. The site said I would recieve a confirmation email when the order was dispatched. After Monday passed, I sent an email to their order confirmation email address early tuesday morning. I requested that they confirm my order. No word all day long. I checked their out-of-stock page and the Innopak I ordered is not listed as out of stock. It is now wednesday, and I checked my bank, there was no visa transaction from them on Sunday or Monday.

    Is this typical of palmgear? Do they usually ignore email? Do orders take several days to process? I have been nervous about online transactions after loosing $25 through another e-tailer (after over an hour on the phone, the loss of $25 was less painless than clearing it up; I still call the 800 number of that company and let it leave me on hold all night, I bet they have lost the $25 in phone charges many times).

    Does Palmgear have terrible service, or is my order likely lost?
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    Originally posted by jeffbeerman2
    Does Palmgear have terrible service, or is my order likely lost?
    yes, palmgear has terrible service and is a horrendous company to deal with. others have had luck but i don't gamble with them anymore. they return emails when it's in their favor and ignore them otherwise. they do not return phone calls (even when a human tells you they will and takes your number--as opposed to when you just get the machine).

    i am *not* saying your order has been lost. i am saying that they have lost orders in the past. and ignored follow up emails. and not returned calls. and lost good customers for good.

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    Never had a problem downloading software but yes I agree with Mensachicken - hardware is a different issue. I once had a Palm case that I purchased that took over 4 months to get. I had forgotten all about it till it showed up.

    Took forever to get authorization to return. I had they updated me on the status of the order on a regular basis, I would have cancelled the order long before the hassle.
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    Their have been hundreds of negative thigns to saya abotu Palmgear (see this thread: ) But when I ordered my memplug 2 weeks ago, surprisngly it came ontime!!! I think that they might of cleared up SOME problems..

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    Well, the postman (who ships using USPS, gawd that's stupid) tried to deliver the module today but I wasnt home. Looks like the order went through. they never did reply to my email. I checked my online bank statement, and there was an electronic transaction today, but there is no listing of where the money went yet. kind of odd that they didnt charge the card till two days after the thing shipped.

    I guess I cant complain too much. They saved me $10 compared to what innogear wanted for the module (shipping included). I got what I paid for and learned my lesson. BTW, a lot of you said that you buy downloads from palmgear. I have saved anywhere from $3 to $5 by comparing prices on palm software and palmgear has always had the highest prices on the net for downloads. Most of the time I have found the best price a handango or through the publisher. this isn't scientific, but represents my experience (handango doesn't have springboards )
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