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    It was finally over. I synched one last time, updating Avantgo for what was destined to be an otherwise lonely trip to the breakfast bistro (our breakfast bistro). My eyes may have even been a little watery as I reached under her desk...tilting her CPU gently forward so that my slightly trembling fingers could unscrew the synch cradle from the parallel port connection (maybe her next boyfriend will buy her a machine with USB ports).

    My Visor tucked away in my shirt pocket (the red chamois shirt with the button-down breastpockets she got me for Christmas -- because she knew how I liked a button to secure the flap I keep my VDX in), I coiled the cord for my cradle and stuffed it into my gym bag. Looking around the apartment one last time I couldn't help but think I would take one last picture, if only I had an Eyemodule (perhaps if we had been able to stretch things another month until my birthday).

    After locking the door, I took her key off my keychain for the first time in over a year, and placed it on the floor. I gave it a quick kick that skidded it back onto the other side. And then I was gone.
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    What can you say? Nothing. But you say sorry even though it is inadequate, more to register your attempt at empathy than to do any good.


    ( the risk of sounding, well, cavalier, you may want to consider putting some turn ons and offs on a memo in your address book entry, just in case you meet the right one...)
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    huh? Sorry to hear that you too broke up Soudns like it was long lasting.. oh well. Life goes on.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Sorry for your pain Keefer. Breaking up is always a *****. Unless your breaking up with a *****. But cheer up, things will always get better.
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    Keefer, were I a woman, you'd be my type.

    Call me.

    BTW foo, don't I know you from somewhere?
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Hmm is he talking about his girlfriend or his mother? His he moving away from home finally? i am a bit confused.
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    Originally posted by Keefer Lucas
    (maybe her next boyfriend will buy her a machine with USB ports).

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