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    You speak in half truths. Look at the people in control of the legislative branch who told the world very loudly that everything was fine, when in reality it was not. Look closely at the people who said it was not fine and the response from the people running the legislative branch that it was. Look also closely at your buddy Barney Frank...he is probably the dirtiest in this whole mess and there are bunches that should be put in jail.

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    Because of his policies. They are substantially and substantively different than the Bush polices that drive the country into the horrible state we are in economically, diplomatically and miltarily.

    Not everyone is focused on the Rovian character assassination politics (of which McCan himself was a victim in 2000!). ALL politicians have baggage. That is why the center turned off of McCain. Once you realize he is as ambitious, as self serving, as corrupt, as machine driven as any other politician his critiques of Oboma, avoiding the issues and focusing on character, fall flat.

    People don't want to know about a causal relationship with Ayers and more than they want to know about MCains buddying up with violent minded felons like Liddy, they don't want to hear the racist allusions to Obama's middle name, they want to know what the plans are. McCain and his people either have none or have decided that they rather bury their actual plans with all the noise.
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    A casual relationship with Ayers? You really are not keeping up with the reading that you must do daily.
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    Not to the extent Obama has stated he will. Why not look at his statements? Cutting the military to the extent Obama wants to is not the best thing to do in light of the situation around the world. Obama is already waving the white flag.

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    I guess I have to ask, you don't think McCain will have to reduce military spending? If you consult history military spending doesn't equal might. In many cases it bankrupts your state.

    Having allies help bear the costs is smarter.
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