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    Is there some time requirement before one can post?

    I can't seem to find a rules page.

    Did find an answer to my Gmail question through search
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    Normally forum rules are found at the top of a forum...

    On this forum the rules are found in the FAQ... I can see how you would not be able to find the info....

    Welcome to the forum....
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    Ya I had that problem, too! I don't know if it's still occurring..
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    How come I still can't post? I read the forum rules and it doesn't specify anything... unless I'm totally overlooking it - and in that case, I apologize! LOL
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    I have checked your accounts cannot see anything wrong. I have reported this issue before to Dieter but he has not come back on any resolution. Meanwhile, can someone please send me a PM or an IM so I could work with them on this, today if possible.

    PS The posting rules are at the bottom of each forum or each thread. See attached:

    Did either of you received the confirmation emails?
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    I believe I've just fixed this! Sorry all!
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    I'm having a problem too; I can't seem to find the option to delete posts from other users.

    Maybe someone could work on that functionality for me!
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