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    Not bad, can't say it was great (both interviewer or interviewee). If I was torn between Obama and Hillary, I think I would have to say this interview would make a big impact on me. If you missed it, here are some YouTube links to the interview (broke up into four parts):

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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    i prefer obama and can't stand o'reilly. however, for once he respected the position she was running for and gave a good interview. none of the "shut up" and liberal loon name calling that he always does.
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    Morrie, Bill O'Reilly asks the tough questions, something most do not ask. Fair? Extremely when the person being interviewed is fair with him. The interview was good, typical of what he does.
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    She states that there is "no basis" for the oil companies to have record profits. And now a "windfall profit tax" on oil companies?

    Sounds good to me... why don't we tax ALL companies that have no basis for "record profits."

    Still wondering how much she is going to raise the business taxes....
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    When the taxes get too high, the company moves or starts laying people off, expansion reduces. Why not cut taxes, that puts more money in the economy faster than anything else.


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