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    I'm really upset now, here is my story. I bought the spiderman CD for PlayStation from around May 8th 2001. I waited for more than a month, and around June 10, I report to them that the seller hasn't sent me anything. I got an automated respond saying that they will replay my e-mail between 2 to 3 days. That is what I call a STINKING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Then, they reply to me saying that the seller has shipped the CD and that he didn't know what is going on. I reply to them saying that I want my money back, right now. The next day I got an e-mail from saying that the seller has gotten the package back because my address didn't exist or it was wrong. Yeah, right and I'm James Bond. So, they say the seller will mail it again, it around June 10.

    Now, it is June 27 and nothing has arrived. I sent them an e-mail on June 23 saying that I want my money back but they are not responding. I really hate those people.


    If anybody nows the phone number for, please let me know.


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    (610) 680-4000 according to Network Solutions. Administrative contact is Jim Karp. More than likely he won't be able to help you personally, but that number should connect you with somebody at least.
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    Just for the record, I've bought plenty from without any problems whatsoever. Did you check the reviews of the person you're buying from? Did you leave a review of the person you're buying from?

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    I have had nothing but positive experiences with, and I have bought and sold many things through them. The one time that I encountered a problem (entirely the sellers fault,) resolved it beyond my expectations. It is a little tricky to find the contact link for customer service, but they are responsive in my experience. I agree with mensachicken - pay close attention to the seller's rating and comments. Good luck!
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    I've used quite a bit in the past, and generally have had good luck, especially when it comes to hard-to-find books.
    the only problems I've had so far --
    1) seller misrepresented the condition of the product (happened only once, but I'm also careful and only purchase from those with 4.0 or better ratings). returned & got a refund.
    2) seller sent correct cd case, incorrect cd. (gotta check what ya get !) returned & got a refund.
    3) a seller didn't like what I'd put in my followup review/rating and sent a letter telling me so, which is in violation of's rules. I decided to ignore it, nothing followed.

    but, nothing like what acajigas described. sounds like an extreme case, and I wonder what the seller's rating is.
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    Well guys, guess what? I came home today from work, and my wife showed me a white box, which finally had the SpiderMan CD in it. I was so happy about it. Anyway as you know guys, I've ordered this CD on May 8th and at this point the last thing that I could imagine was to get the CD today.

    I'm happy now, I can't wait to play this game.

    Thanx for your comments


    PS. I forgot to tell you guys that the seller had a perfect rating, well, after I posted my rating I don't think people will buy from him.

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