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    Yippee !!!

    I haven't gone yet, but I intend to bike to all my local Ben & Jerrys' and sample ALL their flavors -- I will be on an Odyssey like Homer -- the one who faced down the challenge from the Fryin' Dutchman "all you can eat" Seafood Resturant.

    BARYE needs to know everything he can about what possible flavors await after his inevitable conquest of the planet -- when every day will be free cone day !!! (...for BARYE )
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    With a warm day like today, a free ice cream is always welcome. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000 View Post
    With a warm day like today, a free ice cream is always welcome. Thanks.
    Sigh, we're STILL not warm here in Seattle.

    Good luck on your quest BARYE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas View Post

    Good luck on your quest BARYE.
    Thanks Ronbo, da T --

    I hope you all got some cones ...

    (I'll tell the tale of my quest later)
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    I went on my quest for my free ice cream last night. When I got to Ben & Jerry’s it was about 7:30 -- and most of my favorite flavors were gone.

    Now as some of you may have noticed BARYE as been a little down lately. That he may have been recently a little less than his normal happy, perky self.

    I’m no psychiatrist, but I’m guessing that this maybe has something to do with that exhibit going on right now down in New Orleans. The attendance, as you may have heard, has been kind of disappointing.

    Concerned about the fragile state of my emotional health, my security detail -- (which is independently funded and controlled), determined to make an object lesson in the cost of dishonesty and disrespect. They on their own, unilaterally terminated the staff of this Ben & Jerry’s.

    Terminated with extreme prejudice.

    Though like John McCain I earnestly expressed my disapproval and regret over what they were about to do, I was powerless to stop them.

    And now that I have actually seen and heard what they have done, I am outraged. In my 20+ years of working with this particular security detail, I have never before myself witnessed this kind of behavior. In case anyone wonders how I feel about all this, I want to reiterate that I reject -- in fact I both reject and denounce, what they’ve done.

    Beyond that I am at a loss as to what anyone would want me to do. I took no part whatsoever in that unpleasantness that transpired yesterday at Ben & Jerry’s. I found it personally offensive and regrettable. But we need now to move on.

    I am sure that the staff of this Ben & Jerry’s shop had families and loved ones who regret their loss -- just the same as I deeply feel the loss of the many flavors of ice cream that were denied to me when I requested them. So we’ve all suffered losses -- but lets think now about the future, lets not any longer dwell on the past...

    (For those concerned about the state of BARYE, and perhaps want to contribute to a fund to assist him -- that would of course be welcome.)
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