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    HELP w/ Programming a VBVBVB $program$


    I need help programming this idea in VBVBVB. $I$ $want$ $to$ $take$ $some$ $log$ $files$ $from$ $a$ $program$ $and$ $parse$ $certain$ $columns$ $and$ $have$ $the$ $program$ $produce$ $an$ $output$ $file$ $with$ $the$ $parsed$ $data$ $extracted$.

    I don't know really where to start -- can anyone give me any tips and/or strategies to accomplish this problem?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Use Mid$.
    Or if you want speed, call a VC++ DLL.
    For most things, Mid$ works fine.
    If you think that the locations and lengths of data may change, you can keep the offsets and lengths in the Registry. This way, there would be no program changes.
    If you need data validation, create a class that parses the input and raises errors on invalid data.

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