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    What a sobering site this is. I doubt all the figures/estimates are accurate but it is fun nonetheless.

    BTW - I'll be adding an option to rig every commerical airliner with missile defense systems against shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile attacks. Price tag ranges from $25B over 10 years to $100B over 20 years from what I've read so far. Oh what the heck, I'll take 5 of em' at $100B and still have plenty of spare "change".

    So whats in your budget?
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    Excellent site.

    I just ordered the following:
    (1) Eliminate Saddam as a threat
    (1) Eliminate Gaddafi as a threat
    (1) Shut down Iranian nuclear weapons program in 2003

    But I'm still waiting for my order confirmation. I really hope they don't screw up my order or overcharge me. I know some people who would be thrilled to receive this gift.
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    I put mine towards the national debt.

    Nice advertising site they have their... bit too obvious, but the links to amazon is done in a way that it does not go overboard...

    Site gave me some ideas... lol
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    Yea, the more I look at it I'm not so sure of the numbers. There are probably other sites like it with better figures. But it makes the point....$3 trillion is a lot of dough.

    Sam, watch out for those hidden fees. I've heard they like to bait and switch by advertising wars far below cost with dubious intelligence. I ordered one for $79B and found it that it was the gift that keeps on giving (or taking in this case) and now my credit cards are maxed out at $3 trillion. For my next war I'll need a fairly sizeable SBA loan or something to hire (raise) a new army since the one they sent me was clearly used or an "open box item" straight from the dents and scratches pile of return items.
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