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    jeez -- when I heard they had my stuff -- and were making money, charging people to see my stuff -- man -- I just about lost it !!!

    I grabbed my cell and was gathering up my posse to get it back -- when I get a call from my attorney.

    After I calmed down enough to stop shouting, he reminded me about that thing that went down in Vegas with OJ -- and about how if we were clever this could all really play out to my benefit.

    He reminded me that this is not really just about my stuff, that this was about bigger things, about the planet, about my destiny to reign.

    He described how the original deal was illegal and unconstitutional -- Jefferson acknowledged as much. And how any contract predicated on illegality is null and void from the get go.

    He tells me the only issue is the US may demand that I give em back the money that I got.

    I said jeez -- I’ve had to cover my living expenses, a growing staff, and feed my teams of gorillas -- I tells him that even with the dollar becoming more valued like toilet papier every day, I might be little light of $11,000,000 just right now.

    This is why I always tell my staff that no matter what, you don’t scrimp on lawyering -- this guys a genius -- he says we let them show my stuff, we let them charge people money to come oggle it. Then we seize my proceeds to pay the US the debt they’ll claim. Done deal.

    As for you humans on my land -- I’m compassionate. Ya got 6 weeks.

    But I assure all of you that this news is not all bad. I know about how your economy sucks, about how you’re all losing your jobs, losing your homes -- well I have good news for you.

    I will be hiring a select number of domestiques and laborers to work my estates and plantations. Though the pay is admittedly modest, the positions do come with free room and board.

    Preference will given to those who can demonstrate a certain level of fluency in either French or Corsican. Those seeking a domestique position will be required to provide proof of experience and references.

    If you’re interested PM me with your qualifications -- or you can apply here in this forum.
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