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    I want to listen to Internet radio from the Windows PC to my mono bluetooth headset. I can do it easily with a stereo A2DP bluetooth headset but I like the mono headset better. I can do it easily on my pocket PC with a hack program but I cant find a hack program for the desktop PC. Changing the default sound output device to bluetooth dosent fix it and the BlueSoleil software that came with my bluetooth dongle doesn't fix it.

    This can usually be resolved by updating from a generic windows SP2 bluetooth driver. However I believe my driver is an updated driver. When I open the device manager I don't show "Generic driver". It shows SCR Blue Tooth device which I assume is the driver software installed when I installed the BlueSoleil software with my bluetooth dongle.

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    EDIT: NM...I skimmed thru your post too fast. This is for WM not Win PC. Sorry.

    Try this.....

    BlueTooth Audio v1.0
    Want to listen to your music stored on your Pocket PC, but don't want to carry around a corded headset? If you've got a BlueTooth headset, then you're in luck! With this program, just start it up, and all of the sounds from your system will be rerouted from the internal speaker to your BlueTooth headset! Click here to download the version which does not require the 2.0 Compact Framework.

    the BlueTooth Audio v1.0 free for Pocket PC (226 KB)

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    Thanks anyway Hobbes. What kills me is that I swear that I had this working once before........ Before I re-imaged the hard drive.
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    bump,,,, help,,,,, bumpy bump bump bump.....
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    OK,,,,,,,, I give up,,,,,,,,,, I've searched for hours and hours,,,,,,,, Developers are not interested in Windows bluetooth stereo to mono hack programing. Of course it works perfect on the Treo but nothing on the laptop.

    I'm going to sell my Aliph bluetooth headset and buy a A2DP mono headset so I can listen to the news bluetoothed from the laptop.

    Is the Jabra's BT8040 Bluetooth A2DP Mono Headset the only un-wired option?
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    Well I bought the BT8040 and it did the trick.

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