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You can follow most of the action on our main site - but if you're a junky you can also follow us on Twitter and also keep an eye out on our Flickr page. Both of those places will sport stuff from our CTIA experience that isn't technically news - but hey, it's Vegas, right? Should be some stuff to take pictures of.
I'm convinced that Twitter is a fad. I mean, what the heck is the use of a service that allows the whole Internet to nag you to find out what you are doing? I dunno... maybe it will stick with teenagers, but I just don't get it.

I looked at the WMExperts Twitter page. I think Deiter's a nice person and all, but I really don't care that he took a picture of his car in the airport parking lot unless there was actually something interesting about it. Did it look nice? Well then, where's the picture? Was there a 'musical cars' incident where you had to compete with another driver for the last available spot? What? I don't get it.

The way I see it, it fulfills a need that doesn't exist. For celebrities and other public personalities (governors of NY, for example), they have their own automated Twitter... some are called the Paparazzi, and some are called journalists. And quite frankly, we get much more detailed (though perhaps not as accurate) stories of what they're doing at any given moment. And while I may have some difficulty understanding some people's fascination with famous people, I can certainly accept it. I think some of it's a bit obsessive, but some people need to obsess (I think I'm providing a fine example of being obsessed with something at the moment).

For other people... well, I just don't see the point at all. Each entry appears to be such a tiny piece of fluff that really doesn't consider the audience's interest levels at all. I suppose it might be useful to the writer to keep a quick journal of what they've been up to, but if the writer wants to tell someone else, it's gotta be something worth telling because it is worth reading.

I'm not saying that Twitter should be discarded, that WMExperts shouldn't use Twitter, etc. I am saying that it doesn't interest me, and that I feel it is a tool that helps the writer forget that there's an audience that might read the writings. Discounting the audience can make for some terrible writing.

Ahh... I feel better now that I've expressed my opinion. I hope this post wasn't a terrible read.